How we give interesting twists in our work.

Science of Giftology

T Advertising & Marketing TGA: Loyalty Program Customer
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Research shows that visual information is more quickly and easily understood, and much more likely to be remembered.
Titan industries did a 'Science of Giftology', to study the gifting patterns across age groups.

Step 1: We did an online campaign with a set of questions to the users.

Step 2:Studied all the data that we received, created a report & highlighted the trends.

Step 3: This is where we gave a twist! With a very good response that we received & with the interesting trends that we got to know... while submitting the report of the campaign, we represented entire report Visually!

This is what we did.

PUMA - Winter / Autumn Lookbook

P Advertising & Marketing TGA: Puma Online Customers

Apart from handling bulk-emailers / online campaigns for PUMA, Bangalore., we regularly do the online lookbooks for PUMA.

Instead of a regular page flip, look 'n' feel., we gave a new twist to the entire experience. We decided to take the user into a tour of fashion galleria and it worked!
We got very good feedback & reviews from PUMA's online customers.

Click on the following links to view the lookbooks that we have done for PUMA.
2013 - Autumn / Winter Lookbook
2013 - Summer / Spring Lookbook

EMERTXE - Branding

E Branding Logo Design & Branding
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Emertxe is a leading technology company in the field of Embedded Systems, based in Bangalore. The company had approached us to revamp their website. But we offered them more! We discussed & convinced them to go for a re-branding & put forward our concepts. The client liked all our concepts, designs and we are now handling all marketing communications for Emertxe.